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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Top 10 Pranks in Technology world

Pranks are wonderful. They're among the few things in life which most folks can wholeheartedly concur on being good. Pranks are in precisely the exact same league with cat movies, candy, and free things -- everybody loves'em.

You have likely already pranked some blessed members of your lifetime at one time or another. Perhaps you set up the humble Whoopee cushion or utilized the vacuum on somebody sound asleep.

1. Flip the monitor screen upside down

This small prank makes with your trackpad feel like remaining off Twitter while you are supposed to be functioning or scaling Everest (or anything else equally hard.)

To Mac: Hold Control + Option at precisely the exact same time, while holding these keys move to System Preferences. Proceed to Screen (while holding the 2 keys) A new menu named Rotation must seem, and you can flip the screen and save it undo.

2. Drive people to insanity by changing the mouse pointer to look constantly busy

This easy prank will create your sufferer think that the computer is hanging all of the time when it is not. Whenever I visit that the active cursor I'm irritable. Can not help it. However If you promise never to use this on me are the instructions:

Proceed into System Preferences > Access > Screen and drag the cursor size all the way into the right to create the mouse pointer enormous.

3. Become the master of sinister autocorrect additions

This straightforward but annoying prank could be performed in a lot of ways and based upon your victim you can mess with his pc or smartphone. The basic assumption here is to put in a custom made entry to the AutoCorrect keyboard attribute to substitute a frequent term (or the spacebar) using something else completely.

It may be subtle and simply substitute a properly typed phrase using a typo. Or you may opt for shock value and include something which makes you laugh -- like shifting"Hello" to"I really like seeing Jersey Shore reruns." Just be ready to deal with anything that fallout might happen.

If you'd like this to be system-wide, then you may utilize AutoHotkey instead.

4. Alter the keyboard design to DVORAK

As a faster alternative, this is really a fun way to mess with someone without needing to do much. All you have to do is empower the Dvorak alternative keyboard design that many ordinary users are not knowledgeable about.

As soon as you've done this, use the drop-down over to place the default option. You are probably going to need to turn over to the Language Bar tab and place that to concealed too, hence the tricks can not be figured out too readily.

5. Block their mouse detector using a Post-it

But if you're in a workplace setting with desktop PCs, simply plug in a wireless mouse and keyboard recipient at the rear of this prankee's pc, and then control it in your own desk. The receiving person is going to be missing when the mouse starts moving by itself, beginning programs, and scanning weird messages onto the monitor. Blend this with a few of those pranks above and you are in for a fantastic laugh.

6. Offer your sufferer a heart attack using a busted screen background

Straightforward pranks can have as much effect as complex ones. Instantly changing a person's background is super simple to establish and can provide some shock value, but for the best results you might choose to have a screenshot of this home display and add the glass impact in addition to it.

7. Establish task scheduler tasks to establish arbitrary programs (or even a web page)

Imagine a new tab into a particular page opens every few minutes. Annoying. Now imagine trying to troubleshoot it fast rather than having any chance (while the tab keeps popping up ) Bury the job from the scheduler and that is precisely what's going to occur.

Proceed and make a new job, run through the wizard and select the browser , plug in the website name to the arguments box, then set the program to repeat the activity every 5 minutes (or each minute -- based on how maniacal you're.)

8. Replace system seems

Much like lots of the pranks recorded here, it is all in the approach. The simple approach is fantastic for pranksters that are short on time: Download the variety of'.wav' documents and substitute the prankee's ordinary system seems through the Control Panel.

If subtlety is the thing and you've got time to spend in this particular prank, use a sound editor (for example, Audacity) and include a lot of silence between the default audio (for getting email or any other) along with the audio files you are using.

That adds a major gap between what causes the noise -- logging on Windows, a User Account Control window seeming, or whatever you pick -- along with your preferred sound impact. Terrifying cries is a frequent proposal, but why don't you try something new just like a kid's voice whispering a thing?

9. Move desktop icons, Have a screenshot, place as the background

Have a screenshot of this victim's recent background, place it as the background wallpaper, then hide the icons and taskbar. Initially, everything will seem normal, but nothing can react to some mouse clicks. Another strategy is to have a screenshot of the desktop, place it as their background, move a few icons and choose another screenshot. Repeat till you've got an extremely cluttered background computer, with just a few icons which truly work and the sufferer is left to hunt to get what is usable.

10. Plug a wireless mouse/keyboard and control a computer from afar

Back in the day, there was trojan-like (but benign) VNC apps you can run to mess up with folks but those no more function. Alternately, installing something similar to TeamViewer is a complex alternative for a prank but one that is going to take most likely than many.

Top 10 Pranks in Technology world

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