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Saturday, January 25, 2020

The 7 Biggest Technology Trends In 2020 Everyone Must Get Ready For Now

what are the seven biggest technology

trends for 2020 that you have to be

ready for right now hi I'm Bernard MA

and in this video I want to look at the

key technology trends as a business and

technology futurist I get asked this

question all the time what are the

biggest trends businesses and and people

in those businesses need to get getting

ready for and I am currently writing a

new book on all the big long-term

technology trends that will come out

next year but what I do every year is to

look ahead just one year and say ok what

is going to happen next year what's

going to happen in 2020 so let's look at

the 7 biggest trends for this year the

first trend is artificial intelligence

as a service in lots of my videos I

talked about artificial intelligence and

machine learning and how it is

completely transforming our world what I

see is and i-i've just as you might have

seen my most recent book artificial

intelligence and practice where look at

how 50 companies are now using AI and

machine learning in practice of what

we're seeing as companies are starting

to apply this technology and is starting

to change our businesses however what I

see is that lots of businesses still see

developing their own AI infrastructure

as a really expensive proposition so

what is happening now is that more and

more organizations use AI as a service

this basically means I can now go to

companies like Google like Amazon like

Microsoft and simply say I would like to

apply artificial intelligence to my

processors I've got some data that I can

use to train my machine learning

algorithms and they can then supply the

algorithms they can supply the

infrastructure and you simply pay as a

service and this is a massive trend and

one that is going to get bigger into

20 so for me the first trend artificial

intelligence in general will make a big

impact on businesses we will get used to

working alongside a is but in particular

the as a service offering will make a

really really big difference to

companies Trent number two is 5g this

basically is the fifth generation of

mobile networks so this means you've

probably seen the evolution from 3G to

4G basically has given us fast

connectivity on our mobile phones on 4G

you can now easily watch videos what 5g

will do is it will accelerate this it

will give us speeds that are very

similar to what we have in terms of

high-speed Internet connections into our

homes and into our businesses it will

reduce the latency so everything would

be a lot faster and it would make those

connections more reliable this has huge

implications not only that we will have

mobile phones that our 5g enabled that

can we can easily stream music and

videos but for business especially

connecting machinery for self-driving

cars all of this these devices all these

Internet of Things smart devices need

reliable fast connectivity to push data

forwards and backwards from the cloud

and this is going to and 5g is going to

make a massive difference with all of

this what we are currently seeing is

that this is starting to be rolled out

so we see this in inner cities of major

capitals we see this in confined areas

but in 2020 we will see much wider

coverage and we will see costs of 5g

connectivity going down so we will have

not only better connected Mobile's less

relied will become much less reliant on

on fiber connections into our houses and

into our homes and we can simply use the

5g network

have amazingly fast and reliable

internet connectivity everywhere and be

able to transfer data everywhere and so

what what I do as a business futurist is

I help businesses understand what this

means and and 5g is one area that we're

looking at very intensively with lots of

businesses helping them to understand

what this means for offering completely

news product and services improving

their internal processes connecting

machines and things like predictive

maintenance so 5g is another massive

trend the third trend to look at is

autonomous driving again this is a trend

I have spoken about a lot lots of my

videos talk about the the future of

Transport and autonomous driving Elon

Musk the CEO of Tesla has basically said

that by the end of 2019 he will have his

cars the Tesla's will be completely

autonomous and hopefully we'll see by

2020 that those cars will be on the road

being able to drive anywhere completely

autonomously currently we still we're

still seeing lots of issues around

regulation lots of issues around

infrastructure but if 5g comes along we

won't have those infrastructure issues

anymore and I can see self-driving cars

everywhere when I talk about autonomous

driving it's not just completely

self-driving cars as also that we've

seen evolution towards that so steps and

steps taken for example we now have cars

that have lane assistance so they will

watch where you're driving and they're

help you to switch lanes and cars that

will brake automatically and detect

hazards so this is going to happen more

and more again it's not just cars we now

have self-driving ships cell flying

drones and robot delivery so where I

live in Milton Keynes we have the

starship robots that now deliver my

Amazon parcels they deliver my

my local shopping so we will see more

autonomous driving as a massive trend in

2020 my fourth trend for 2020 is

predictive and precision medicine we are

currently seeing is this complete

transformation of healthcare and

medicine where technology is making a

really big difference so recent advances

in Internet of Things technology so

smarter devices in addition to

artificial intelligence and some real

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